Save the Date – July 19 – 22. Want to see how much fun we had in the past?
Hello church family!
Just wanted to remind you of a few of the details concerning our upcoming family retreat this week! The address is 2300 Journey’s end trail. To get there, just head up Carson Rd from the church. Go straight onto 8 mile road, and follow the signs that we’ll have up!  Feel free to start setting up camp at 11 am, Wednesday morning. As far as the schedule goes, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night we will have dinner together at 6, worship and devotions at 7. On Saturday morning we will have breakfast together at 9, worship and devotions at 10. Horseback riding will be available everyday, target shooting on Saturday. If you haven’t signed up, its not too late to come. It’s only 5 dollars a day! If you don’t want to camp, feel free to come just for dinner and devotions, or stop by for the day! The point of all of this is to fellowship with one another, encourage one another, and make discipleship relationships! If you have questions about anything, just let me know! I’m really looking forward to our time together!