May 2015

How Will You Respond To God’s Word

April 2015

Unexpected Blessing: How to Be Happy God’s Way

Unexpected Blessing: How to be Happy God’s Way Luke 6:20-26 Theme: Happiness is home to a humbled heart I. Happiness is unexpectedly obtained (6:20-23)     A. Through poverty     B. Through hunger     C. Through sadness     D. Through persecution II. Happiness eludes those who pursue it the world’s way (6:24-26)     A. Through riches […]

Worship Given The Newborn King

March 2015

The Humble, Triumphal Entry

Unity 2.0

How the Weak and Strong Get Along

February 2015

Paying Your Love Debt

Give The Government It’s Due

January 2015

What About Israel?

Are You Groaning for Glory?