March 2016

How to Question God

Theme: Questioing God form a right and reverent heart. Habakkuk 1;12-17 -2:1

February 2016

Agony Prayer

Justifying the Justice of God – Intro to Habakkuk

Real Life Discipleship

The Weapons of Our Warfare

January 2016

Transformational Work

Family Matters Part II

Family Matters:

Gospel Centered Life

The Path to Unity – Part 2

The Path to Unity: Part 2 Colossians 3:12b-15 Theme: Make unity a priority in our church I. Know the foundational truths that motivate our unity (vv. 11-12a)     A. We overcome all earthly barriers in Christ     B. We are all chosen in Christ     C. We are all made holy in Christ     D. […]