September 2018

What Christ Condemns

Mark 12:38-40; Matthew 23

Jesus Puts the Religious Leaders to the Test

Mark 12:35-37

Christ on Trial Part 4

Mark 12:28-34  

Christ Put to the Test Part 2

Christ on Trial Part II

Mark 12:13-17   The hypocrisy of the religious leaders stands in opposition to the perfect righteousness of Christ and makes us further appreciate His perfect sacrifice for us.

August 2018

The Tragedy of Neglecting God

Mark 12:1-12   How not to let your relationship with God Be one sided.

Christ Put To The Test

Mark 11:27-35

Prayer That Pleases God

Mark 11:20-26

The Wonderful Word of God

1 Timothy 3:16-17

July 2018

What does Jesus Deserve

Mark 11:1-11