November 2018

Every Spiritual Blessing – The ABC’s of Thanksgiving

Ephesian 1:3

Beginning of the End

Mark 13:14-23

October 2018

The Calling of A Man of God

A Divine View of History

The Heart of Giving

How God wants us to give to Him.   I A misconception of giving   II. Questions about Giving   III. Heart attitudes of giving a. Cheerful b. Grateful c.Generous d. Sacrificial e. Personal

September 2018

What Christ Condemns

Mark 12:38-40; Matthew 23

Jesus Puts the Religious Leaders to the Test

Mark 12:35-37

Christ on Trial Part 4

Mark 12:28-34  

Christ Put to the Test Part 2

Christ on Trial Part II

Mark 12:13-17   The hypocrisy of the religious leaders stands in opposition to the perfect righteousness of Christ and makes us further appreciate His perfect sacrifice for us.