Sermons – Camino Community Church

August 2014

The Bad News Abput The Good News

“The Bad News of the Good News”
Romans 1

I. The ___________________ of the Gospel (v. 1-6)

II. The __________________ of the Gospel (v. 7-17)

III. The ___________________ need for the Gospel (v. 18-32)

A. Because of humanity’s ________________________

1. ____________________________ the truth of God

2. ____________________________ the glory of God

B. Because of humanity’s _______________________

July 2014

The Measure of A Man of God

Stand Firm in Grace – Introduction to First Peter

Who’s In Charge? – The Soveregnty of God

May 2014

Disciple Making: The Mandate of The Church

A Dynamic Picture of God’s Faithfulness

April 2014

Christ’s Mission on Earth

March 2014

The Heart of Worship

Romans 12:1-2

February 2014

Great Love Produces Great Forgiveness

Great Love Produces Great Forgiveness

Luke 7:36-50

December 2013

How the Holy Spirit Works in Your Life